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Welcome to the GITC Library for Teachers. The resources at this website are intended for use by teachers in our programs. If you are interested in our charity or want to learn more about our work in schools, please visit

The materials contained in this site are yours to explore and use. Through the portals below, you will find materials to guide and support you to develop skills, lessons, implementation techniques and dozens of traditional and teacher-written songs in downloadable documents and songbooks.

GITC materials are all at some level, collaborative efforts. Everyone who has trained teachers or students in this charity has shaped the music, the understandings and the materials to make them fit the children, the times, the GITC curricula and prevailing education content standards. Thanks to each of you who has been involved! If you are joining GITC for the first time, we welcome your creative and reflective participation. Your input makes a great big difference.

We are sharing everything with you for free in an effort to support the important work you are doing. Making music a part of learning is a gift you are giving to students that will last them their whole lives long. Thank you for your creativity, courage and perseverance! We hope you enjoy your journey through this GITC teaching library.

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